April 2, 2012

Date Night : March.

  I let Brian open his envelope for our March date night on March 1, since it was scheduled for a certain date, I didn’t want to take any chances that he might try to plan something else for that night.

  March is also Brian’s birthday, so I wanted to do something a little bigger for this month than some of the others, and something I knew we wouldn’t otherwise do if I didn’t plan it.

So.  First, he had leave work early so that we could leave our house at 4:00.  Our date was in a town about an hour away, so we got a little road trip in too.  Time in the car without kids is always good.

We drove most of the way there and then stopped and got Mexican food for dinner.  MMMmmmm.  We (unfortunately) found ourselves in enemy territory right in the midst of March madness, so I had to temper a few schemes Brian had to make jabs at enemy fans.  (I use the term enemy loosely.  For me anyway.  For Brian, it’s more or less de facto.)


Then we were off for the real date.


I got tickets for us to go to a Third Day concert.  We haven’t been to a concert together since just before we got married.  It was so fun!














We were gone, on our own, no kids, for SEVEN hours. 

That’s a long time for us.

It was great.


Here’s looking forward to April!


  1. Love it! i saw Third Day > 10 years ago in a little room of a little church with about 50 people, right after their first cd came out. I also particularly <3 Matt Maher. It sounds like a dreamy evening.

  2. Yay for extended date nights!

  3. I'm going to that conert next week!


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