June 26, 2012

Unorganized update.


Updating on Bella’s case would be like giving a second by second report on the goings on of a elementary school playground teeter-totter. 

Not that there have even been a lot of ups lately – actually none.  Lots and lots of downward spiral.  It feels like in the last three months the case has imploded on itself.


Of course, we’re rarely informed of exactly what is going on, so we’re just hanging on by the skin of our teeth while this roller coaster daily changes where we think our family will be six months from now.




We’re doing a second visit with Bella’s sister July 3-5 – (long story on why it has taken so long for a second visit.  Not worth the drama).  As long as it goes well, we are hoping that maybe she could move in before we go to Horn Creek Foster and Adoptive Family Camp – which would be super exciting and a great bonding experience as she enters our family.

I’m not sure the likelihood of that, as the caseworkers have been pretty preoccupied with Mom and Dad’s shenanigans here lately.  Also, if things continue as they are – that would definitely make 5 kids 5 and under as of January. 


Right now we’re trying to prepare ourselves for the possibility of adoption, while still investing ourselves in reunification efforts.  Although, I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty frustrated at this point.  I feel like we have worked really hard to support reunification in this case – and in many instances it feels like Mom and Dad are just throwing it all away.  Trying not to lose hope.





On a positive note:  Three weeks ago they reduced her visits from weekend overnights, to two hour supervised visits once per week.  (This is not so positive…but…)  Since they cut them back, Bella has not puked AT ALL.  Not one anxiety puke, not one food struggle puke.  Nothing.  Holy cow, I cannot explain to you how exciting that is!  The food struggle is absolutely still there, but has become easier since the decrease in visits, and she is clearly happier, more at peace, and actually able to enjoy herself.  It is such a blessing to see joy in her eyes again. 

Which has me praying that what ever direction this case is going to take, that it would just get on with it already.  She has been with us for one year as of next week, and if anything, we are in a worse place now than we were at the start – absolutely no sign of consistent progress.  I think some solid calls need to be made, that’s for sure.




  On a final sidenote – Bella started dance classes last week, and it was stinkin’ adorable.  Not that she had much interest in actually doing what the teacher said – she was a bit cautious to begin with, but I think as time goes on she’ll get into it.  4 and 5 year olds in leotards?  Too cute.


  1. Yay for no puking!

    We might be right there with you with 5 kids under 5 come August. Plus a 7 year old who will hopefully will be helpful! That could make for some interesting play dates...

  2. I second "Yay for no puking!"

  3. Poor kid, the puking shows the stress that kids in the foster system have to endure. I hope that your system moves faster then our system in our state!

  4. So sweet! Thanks for the update, I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers, praying that you all get a clear sense of direction soon!

  5. Hang in there - I will keep your family in our prayers.... Enjoy the 4th.


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