August 22, 2012

16 Months.

My Naomi-Roo, you are 16 months old.

It hurts my heart a little bit, because already when I try to think back on when you were really little bitty, (although you are still pretty little bitty) it is hard to remember.  I’d be even more sad if you weren’t such a wonderful toddler, but you are.




It’s actually difficult for me to think of you as a toddler just yet, even though you are, because you are still so little.  You are itty bitty and petite.  People marvel all the time at the fact that you walk, because they assume you are less than a year old!  You definitely take after me, little one.

That’s ok, what you lack in size, you definitely make up in VOLUME.  As in, you are LOUD.  I think that part of it is being the third youngest, soon to be the fourth – you want to make sure you are heard.  And let me reassure you child, you are heard.

You also have absolutely no shortage of passion.  Everything you do, you do passionately.  When you are happy, you are exuberant.  When you are mad, you are furious.  When you are sad, you are so pitiful. 




And when you are dramatic, oh my, you could rival any drama queen I’ve ever known.  You have got the drama down.  Again, I think that some of it is survival instinct.  You’ve got to hold your own in a house full of girls – but you can go from giggling to bawling and back to happy like turning on and off a light switch.  You’ve actually got me a little worried about ages 2 and 3 – but I’m sure your just getting it all out now…….right?

Most of the time you are joyful.  So, so joyful.




You’ve started talking some, which I love.  You can say Mama, Daddy, Hi, Yeah, No, ippy-pup (sippy cup), owwww, and a few others that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  You understand everything we say now.  And one thing is for sure, it is always abundantly clear exactly what you want, and that you want it right now.


You’re still nursing, and you seem to be hanging on a little more than your sister did.  I think that you are more jealous of me that your sister ever was – which could make for an interesting transition when PoppSecret #3 gets here.  I’m not sure you’ll embrace being a big sister right away – but hopefully eventually you’ll be friends.




What do you love right now?


You’ve started playing with baby dolls.  You carry them around giving them hugs and kisses.  Very cute.  Although more often, you are being the baby doll for your eldest sister – which is also very cute.


You like to sit and look at books with me.  I soak it up.  It’s hard to find a quiet moment around here – but I love spending them reading books with you.






You love your Mama.  You are quite the Mommy’s girl.  You want me to hold you, well, pretty much all the time, and if I’m there you don’t usually want anyone else.  Although you do love your Daddy a lot, too.  Every day when he gets home from work you run to him yelling and give him a big squeeze.  You’re a snuggler for sure.  You love to snuggle.


What I find you doing most often is sorting things and/or stacking them.  Yup, I think you may have inherited your Daddy’s brain too.  You also love anything that resembles a bag, and you walk around putting things in your bag and taking them out.  It is obvious by watching you that there is some method to your madness, but I’ve yet to figure it out.


You love your sisters.  I think.  Sometimes at least.  But sometimes it’s hard being the little one putting up with your sisters antics.  Bella watches out for you.  She loves you so much.  And just recently you and Sylvia have started holding hands everywhere we go.  It is precious and makes my heart want to explode.







I wish I could keep going.  It just seems like there is so much personality pouring out of you right now, and I don’t want to forget.  Unfortunately right now you are yelling “Mama!” at me and holding up a princess shoe, because you want to wear them just like your sisters.


I love you sweet baby.  You bring me so much joy and I am so happy that God has trusted me to be your Mama.  I pray for you every day, and I pray to be the kind of Mama that God wants me to be.  I am sure I will fail sometimes.  I am sure I will require grace.  But I am also sure that I will love you forever, and that you will always be my little Roo.


Love you, love you, love you,


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