August 23, 2012

3.5 + 1 = 4.5

= Chaos!!!


Tootaw is officially moving in with us on Saturday.  Our foster agency has a retreat all day Saturday for it’s foster parents, and so we will pick her up from there (which doesn’t seem like the best possible transition plan, but hey, no one asked me.).


We spent most of last weekend getting Bella’s room ready to share with Tootaw – read: we ended up completely redoing her room.  It looks very cute, and we are excited for the girls to have a room that actually looks put together. 

I’ve been cleaning and organizing in the 5 minutes I have each day in my body’s effort to nest before this transition.



I’ve also been soaking up this week with just Sylvie and Naomi home, since Bella started Kindergarten last week.  We’ve gone to the Children’s Farmstead, the nature center, the park, a kids concert, the children’s museum, read lots of books, played lots of make-believe, and had lots of snuggle time.  I have absolutely loved having a little bit of special time to spend really taking in my two youngest baby girls.

Sylvia, on the other hand, will be very excited and ready for Tootaw to get here.  Not that she hasn’t had fun with Mommy this week – she has – but she’s used to having a playmate home with her, and she has missed Bella while she’s at school.  I think she’ll be happy to have another sister to play with all day.


So, all that to say, I’m not really sure how to be “ready” to add another daughter to your household, magically turning your two year old into twins.  Of course, that is the story of fostering.  But, God has always provided for us in our obedience to Him, and he will continue to do so, I can say with confidence. 


…..Here we go!  (prayers appreciated.)


  1. Praying for sure!!! I admire you (and Brian) so much! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy times at home with my girls too!!!

  2. Your willingness to do God's will and trust Him with the details is an encouragement! Praying for a smooth transition.

  3. Best of luck to you! We have 4 ages 4 and under - but no more on the way for now (unless God has other plans...), so I understand the chaos to some extent. :) Also praying for your sweet girls, what a rough case this seems to be.

    All the best to an inspirational family.

  4. Wow!! Praying for you all. :)

  5. it will be awesome. crazy. but awesome.

    I'm so happy for them and you :)


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