August 22, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten.


Bella started Kindergarten last Wednesday.  We didn’t get any fabulous (read: posed.) pictures of the day.  Mostly because in an effort to cover up her shyness, Bella was trying to convince us that she didn’t really feel the need for us to be there, let alone acting as the paparazzi. 


I kind of wanted her to not want me to leave.



But, all in all it was very good that she felt so comfortable.  Her teacher is great and everyone I talk to who has had her has loved her.  She wasn’t even fazed when I had the conversation with her explaining that Bella is in foster care (red flag for a teacher!) and that she is in the midst of very serious medical treatment which requires some knowledge on her part – so, she scored points in my book!



Brian went into work late so that he could walk her into school with me.  We woke up early, got ready, and we all went out for a special first day of school breakfast.



At our special first day breakfast.


We took her in, found her cubby for her backpack and walked her to her seat – upon which she started coloring and was not fazed in the least that we walked out of the room.





At the “Rose Ceremony” where they pair each of the Kindergarteners up with a  6th grader to be their mentor.

The next day when she had to go back, she looked a little puzzled.

Oh, you mean that I forgot to explain the insignificant detail that you will be going to kindergarten every day?  oooops.  She was mostly ok with that.  It seems strange to me too, that she won’t ever just be home all the time again.


Anyway, she is doing beautifully at school, which I am so thankful for. 


  1. So glad that things are going well!!! How is Tootaw doing?!

  2. So glad that Bella is doing well at school! My littlest sister starts next Monday...I'm not sure where time has gone!


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