August 29, 2012

Positive Transition?

In our time in foster care, I had come to believe that the term ‘positive transition’ was a bit of an oxymoron.  ….But maybe not always?


Tootaw has been with us since Saturday.

And so far so good!

Although those who say that adding children to your family after you have three is of no consequence?  I say ppppssshhhhh, you are full of it!  Of course, I guess most people who add a fourth child, add a very little baby whose siblings are probably more than three years different in age.  But still.




Instantly having two year old twins, along with a five year old and a one year old, definitely makes you reconsider what kind of outings are actually in the realm of possibility.  That, or it just makes you completely reconsider your expectations for said outings. 

Although I’ve already been to two doctors appointments with all the children, and they weren’t the most chaotic experiences of my life, just close.





Mostly, so far, I am filled with joy through this transition.  It feels completely like where our family needs to be, and I love it. 

I have rarely experienced greater joy than I do watching my daughters playing well together, caring for each other, and looking out for each other.

Tootaw and Sylvia seem to be naturals at this sister thing, and they are doing so well together.  It is such a blessing, as I am fully aware that it could have been completely different.  Naomi is figuring out what playing with her sisters is all about, and for the most part her older sisters are obliging.






I can’t describe it, really, only to say that adding Tootaw to our family seems almost to have evened us out or changed the dynamic here in a totally unexpected way.  I’m sure in large part this is Bella being more at peace with her sister here, and also Sylvia having a perfect playmate all the time.

I’m also sure that we will run into more bumps along the way.

But for now it’s going really well.  You know, outside of that whole adjusting to having 4 under 5 thing…


  1. That's wonderful. :) So happy to hear and sending up continued prayers for your family.

  2. Oh wow, I missed the update that Bella's sister was coming. I'm sure it is such a comfort to have her little sister with her. : ) So glad everything is going well!


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