May 10, 2010

The Rules.

{First I’d really just like to say a humongous thank you for all of the ideas and encouragement sent via comments and e-mails.  They have been so helpful, and above all they have lifted my spirit, given me hope, and helped me to keep my gaze on the eternal rather than the temporal.  Thanks so much.  It really has meant so much.}


Helping Jae and Zee through this transition has definitely had it’s challenges.  But not without a few laughs as well.  (I mean other than the incessant laughter about the most recent fart.)

Zee randomly makes up these ‘rules’.  Just rules of life I suppose, but some of them are pretty comical.  I thought I’d share a few of these, just in case you might be breaking some of them.


“That’s the rule.  You should never feed a baby too much, or it will blow.  Isn’t that the rule Maggie?”


“That’s just the rule, if you fart in public, you shouldn’t wave it around.  Besides, if you do that, they’ll know it was you.”


“I guess that’s just the rule.  Mom’s get to eat chocolate and pop.  Kids don’t.”  

{I like this rule.  Of course it was followed by lots of whining about how it’s not fair.  But as long as I have the chocolate, I can deal.}


“That’s the rule.  Don’t go into a public bathroom without shoes and socks.  You’ll get nasty yellow grime on your feet.  That’s from all the pee.  And it GROWS.”


“Maggie, what are you doing?!?  That’s the rule!  You can’t feed Sylvia outside!  Someone might see your nursers!”


And my favorite:

“So that’s just the rule.  God loves me and forgives me even when I yell at you.  It’s just the rule.”

{Zee has initiated several conversations about God.  I have loved so much telling him how much God loves him.  Those conversations have been the sweetest refreshment in the midst of all their anger.}


  1. Your love for these boys in spite of the hardness and difficulties is displaying the glorious love of Jesus to the world. Thanks for that.

  2. Ok, the last two are my favorites!

  3. huh, we have the same chocolate and pop rule here ;)

  4. Well, and on the bright side, he called them "nursers" instead of something colorful--that's definitely a good thing! :)

  5. Love these rules;) Especially the bathroom one:) So true...lolol

  6. These are so funny! I had to laugh at the nursers. :o) It's funny how they just make up the rules as they go... and I LOVED the one about God's love. You're having a great impact on their lives!

  7. I love it!! Thanks!!
    These sound like our kind of rules. Especially CHOCOLATE.
    We are a family of 14 in Canada . We have 12 wonderful children, 6 of whom came to us through the foster system...and are now permantly part of our famliy. We feel blessed beyond measure.


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