May 14, 2010

Update. But not from the caseworker.

Our family worker came to visit this week. (Not to be confused with the kids’ caseworker, whom I have never met, have only spoken to once on the phone for approximately 4 minutes, have left numerous messages for, and who has not visited the boys since they were placed with us a month and a half ago.  ahem.  that is all.)

Maybe I should start over.  sans rant.  I promise.

Our family worker came to visit this week.  She doesn’t have a ton more info than I do.  She did offer a couple of updates though:

~Mom has made no progress.  period.  since the case started.  Chances of going home?  Somewhere between zero and nil – of course that’s what they said with    X-man too.  So I’m not going to hold my breath, but we’ll see.

~She was very happy to hear that we have found a couple methods of discipline that seem to be effective.  Hallelujah! {More on that later?}  Not to say things around here aren’t still crazy – but even baby steps feel sooo good.

~The caseworker would like to know if we would be interested in doing some pre-placement visits with the boys’ siblings (5 and 10 years old).  Their sister is having the same behavioral issues that the boys are.  Their brother has some delays in speech, but doesn’t seem to display many behaviors. 

We told her that we’d be happy to do some pre-placement visits to see how things go.  It would obviously be in the best interest of the boys to be with their siblings.  This is not to say that if the visits end in me feeling like my house is imploding, we won’t decide that it is not a good idea.  It’s a big, fat we’ll see.

So, if the caseworker ever ends up calling me (no rants.  I promised.) then we’ll be back at five kids, if only temporarily.  I should start praying now.  In fact, that’s the best idea I’ve had all day.


  1. Wow, lots going on. So what's working for discipline?

  2. Oh, Maggie Popp, Wow! Five! Makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it! That is awesome, though, that you are thinking of taking the full group.

    Prayers for you guys!

  3. It seems like it would be great to get them all together, but do at least three lengthy pre-placement visits to really get a feel for their interactions as a group. (You were probably thinking that anyway, but I thought it was important to note.) That is quite a lot to take on, from the sounds of those behaviors.

  4. Wow. You are doing a great job of living despite the unknown. Teach me your ways. :)

  5. Can I just ask- how often is the social worker SUPPOSED to be out to your home? Here she would have to be there once or twice a month (depending on the child's special needs) and I just can not imagine not seeing a kid for two months after a placement change! It makes me NUTS.

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