August 15, 2011

Going to the Fountains.

I mean the mountains.  Where we get wet?  They are big.  But do we need our swimsuits?  …All very confusing for Bella.  We couldn’t help but chuckle.




We just got back from Horn Creek.  It was wonderful in about 100 different ways.  The words relaxing and family time can actually be used in the same sentence when you’re there.  I know.  Right?  You don’t believe me.  But it’s true.










  The girls had so much fun.  The entire week was packed full of things that they thought were the most fun things ever, in the entire world. ever.  We went bowling, swinging, on the waterslides, swimming, swinging, on adventure walks (named by Bella), line dancing, swinging, rock wall climbing, horse back riding, and swinging.  (Did I mention we spent some time on the swings?  We did.)



Sylvia sang Old Macdonald had a Farm the whole time she was riding the horse.  With a neigh neigh here and a neigh neigh there.  Horse back riding happened to be one of the very first things that we did that week – and we immediately discovered that Bella is allergic to horses.  It ended in a trip to the urgent care a two hour drive and a three hour wait away – but we got it all cleared up – she’s not bright red anymore.





I love spending time with my family.  Nothing I like much better.  So spending time with my family and being in the Rocky Mountains?  Perfect. 


This is us catching our breakfast.  One morning they make pancakes and you have to catch them mid-air on your plate.  The girls looovvveeedd it.


Very proud.








We met some friends there that have a two and a half year old little girl and a four year old little boy.  The kids love each other and had so much fun playing together.


Of all the wonderful things that week, the community definitely ranks number one.  Everyone there was either a foster or adoptive parent.  It was so nice to feel like our family was normal.  When kids had crazy meltdowns or behaviors came out of the woodwork – everyone there understood and was supportive.

It was this refreshing ‘Other people understand this insanity’ – in the midst of the insanity that is fostering and adopting.

The couple who lead the week run a foster and adoptive care ministry in Texas.  We had group time for the moms and for the dads where we talked about therapeutic parenting techniques, behavioral issues, and gloried in the phrases, “yeah, my child does that too” and “this is what worked for me.”

Aaaahhh, can I go back now?



Sylvie and her friend Davey on western night.  They could be stunt doubles for each other.




Before I post a bajillion pictures, I’ll just wait and do a whole different post of just pictures – because I can’t just pick a few.


While we were there we also got hooked up with some really great (and some free!) resources for foster and adoptive parents.  I’ll share on those later for sure.


So.  Next year, if you are a foster or adoptive parent (or grandparent, or relative, etc.), you should go to this week of Horn Creek.  Totally worth it.  Make room for it in your summer.  Start saving now.  Be there.  We will be.


  1. Oh, I am so overjoyed for you all! It looks wonderful, brings a smile to my face!

    I love those pics of Daddy and baby. There's just something about a man being so tender and sweet with his delicate baby girl.

  2. Maggie, love the pictures, and the stories! I am jealous though. We tried to get Coralyn to ride a horse and she would have nothing to do with Rony the Pony! :) We will definitely have to think about coming to Colorado with you all next year!!!

  3. Great pictures! Reminds me of another little family I know of that used to go to Horn Creek ;)

  4. looks like a great time was had by all, good memories are made at camps like that.


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