August 7, 2011

Road Trip.

We've been in the car for about 12 hours now.  We have 2 hours to go.  Highlights thus far:

Bella saying "We're almost there!" an hour into the trip.

She calls Horn Creek  "Concrete, Colorado."  It's very cute.

We've been talking about getting to see the mountains and getting the girls pumped for it.  Bella seemed very concerned about getting her clothes wet and about when she was going to get to put on her swimsuit.  It took us a good five hours to figure out she thought we were talking about seeing the fountains, not the mountains.

The girls singing their very own song which included chanting "Booyah" for about 15 minutes.

Bella saying "We're almost there!" six hours into the trip.

 "It's the mountains, really the mountains, I'm so excited, it's the mountains!!!"  -Bella

Bella: Horn Creek and Colorado don't rhyme.  But they do go together though.
Me: That's right.  What else goes together?
Bella:  uuummm...horses.
Me: What do horses go with?
Bella:  Cats.  Horses and Cats.

"Coyeewado!!!"  -Sylvia.  Every five minutes.  The entire trip.

Bella saying "We're almost there!" ten hours into the trip.

Family vacations are great.  And with that said, I can see the mountains and the air is already 20 degrees cooler than it is at home.  ahhhhhhh.

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  1. Aw so fun...brings back a few memories of family roadtrips to Colorado ;-) Bella sounds soo adorable!


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