September 17, 2012

Update, waiting, trusting.



I couldn’t possibly update you on everything that’s been happening, because even just the past week has been insane – lots of scary unknown illness, lots of case plan craziness, lots of drama that I don’t even like to think about in my own head – so I won’t share it with yours.


So anyway,  things that are pertinent and need prayer.


Bella and Tootaw have a hearing this Thursday. 


Brake.  Rewind.  I don’t think I’ve let you in on the fact that Dad has been MIA for the last 8 weeks.  Don’t know where he is, can’t get a hold of him, no contact with the agency – poof.


So, like I said, a hearing this Thursday, and although I think it’s where we’d be anyway, due to Mom and Dad’s disappearances and other shenanigans as of late, she is definitely recommending that the case goal be changed to adoption.


This means lots of pain and processing for my girls.  This means that we may become forever sooner than later.  This means that my daughters will finally be able to work toward some healing.  This means that my four girls would officially and legally be sisters (ya know, after like, three more court hearings.)




Overall I think that at this point this is what is best for the girls – but it is still heartbreaking.  I get easily overwhelmed at the thought of all that they will have to process, the hurdles they must cross, and the hurt they will encounter.  But, God is good, and he will walk us through this marathon one step at a time until we reach the end.  I do pray that at this point they go ahead and change the goal.  For the goal to remain reunification seems an act of futility with the direction the case has taken in the last 6-8 months.


If you could pray for the hearing, I would be so grateful.  It seems like we are waiting anxiously for something so momentous, but equally as devastating.




And, of course, foster care could not be so obliging as to make for an easy decision…

So two weeks before the hearing, who shows up out of nowhere? 


Requesting a visit.

After 6 months of being MIA.

This post would quickly be much too long if I went into how infuriating that is to me.  BUT, praise God, the caseworker sees things the same way that we do and acknowledges how traumatic it would be for the girls to have a visit at this point.  She has decided no visit prior to the hearing, and only afterward if it is court ordered.  That was a blessing for us, for the girls, and for Bella’s health.




So, that is a (very) quick recap of where we are in the girls’ case right now.  Thursday couldn’t be over fast enough.  We will see what happens, for now, just trying to trust.


  1. Wow. Just wow. Absolute praying!

  2. Sorry things are so crazy :( Our twins' bm just showed back up after five months. They are supposed to see her Friday for the first time. :( I am glad that they are so young and probably won't have any idea what is going on. So glad that they held off visits for you until after court. Praying for God's best.

  3. Their "twin" outfits are so cute!! So if the case goes to adoption, would you guys be the first consideration..or is there family involved?

  4. Their "twin" outfits are so cute!! So if the case goes to adoption, would you guys be the first consideration..or is there family involved?

    1. There is the possibility that family would come up. It seems highly unlikely in this case, because they have already looked into lots of family members and they have all been found inappropriate. And all of their family lives in the same small town, so it is unlikely that a relative would show up that they don't already know about. is possible.
      Outside of relatives we would be the first consideration since Bella has been with us for so long.


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