September 28, 2012

Our Littlest.

We have lots of littles around here.  Lots of very cute littles. 

But I thought it was about time that I post about the very, very littlest of our Popp clan.

Ya know,



the one inside there???


We’ve actually known for some time whether our newest little one would leave Brian feeling a little less lonely in our family – I’ve just not posted.  Insert sheepish look (I guess some of what they say about those later siblings maaayyy be true.).


But, we are very excited that we will be having a little baby girl come January!

Which will leave us with no fewer than 5 girls ages 5 and under – making for a very giggly household, and a very interesting high school experience for Mom and Dad.  (interesting….or completely terrifying.)


We’re keeping PoppSecret#3’s name under wraps until we meet her face to face, as has become our tradition.

My pregnancy is going very well.  This little one already makes herself known through her crazy movement.  I think she must be brushing up on her kick boxing skills in there – because there are no gentle movements for this little lady.  Half the day I feel a little like I’m in a car on a bumpy road, halfway expecting that the next kick my actually knock me off my balance.  She’s feisty already.  She’ll have to be around here.


Bella absolutely loves feeling her move in my belly and feeling the little poky parts she juts out.  She gives my belly kisses and talks to the baby.

Sylvia isn’t quite as patient to wait for movements, but she talks to the baby a lot.  She calls her baby Loo-loo – which is entirely too cute for words.

At night when we say our prayers one of the girls always chooses to pray for baby loo-loo and it makes my heart explode every time.  She will be one loved little baby – even if the kisses and hugs don’t feel so loving.


I am 26 weeks this week – which is entirely too close to 40 if you ask me.  Pretty soon we’ll be welcoming little baby Loo-loo to this crazy family, and we will love her more than she’ll know what to do with.

We’re going the home birth route this time.  Which reminds me, have you seen Jim Gaffigan’s latest comedy routine on home birth?  I could only find a link to his appearance on Letterman, but seriously, if you do the ‘earthy birthy’ thing, it is hilarious. 

I am super looking forward to our home birth, though, and afterward will probably give you more details than you really want.  Because that’s what post-natal hormonal mothers do. 


We can’t wait to meet baby Loo-loo.  I am already in love with her.  It’s her that’s going to have the real adjustment getting used to this crazy bunch!


  1. Congratulations! That is going to be WILD when you have teenagers.

    I've been reading through your archives the last few weeks, so I thought I should say hello. :) I love how candid you are about your foster care experiences. My husband and I feel the same calling and are in the middle of PRIDE classes now!

  2. Congratulations! It will be so much fun to have five girls under five!

  3. We had 5 girls under 5 at one point and it is so fun (we have 5 girls and 1 boy now) will love it :). Kinda new around here, we are just starting our foster care journey. You have such a sweet family!

  4. Congratulations! What blessed girls you have and a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it here (even if I don't visit as often as I used to).


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