September 30, 2008


When I graduated for good in 2007, I honestly thought that I was finished with homework. Oh sure, somewhere in the back of my mind I thought "oh, I'll help my children with their homework someday... but that will be easy, because I will already know what they are learning, so it won't be trying or difficult or challenging like MY homework was."

What I didn't realize is that the hard part of homework for a parent has nothing to do with the level of difficulty of the particular assignment. No, the hard part of homework for a parent is keeping a 7 year old's attention on one assignment for 45 minutes. As Maggie said the other day (after helping Cassandra with her homework), "I feel like I should be more patient. I feel like I'm faking it the whole time!", to which I responded flippantly(callously?) "Fake it 'til you make it!"

Now I'm faking it too, which brings me to my question for you: Does faking patience count?


We found out today that we won't be able to spend time in our basement with our foster children because the basement windows are too small and too high off the floor. The only way we can get approval is if we replace at least one window with a taller/lower window, which involves digging a large hole in the front yard, and cutting a large hole in my foundation wall, then installing a new window and window well. Anyone with experience in either of those areas, please feel free to consult. (I'm looking at you Dad!)


Maggie got me sick, I hope Cassandra and Mena are spared!


  1. What?! You with your superior genes have gotten ill? I believe that you can blame that one on us and not Maggie. She's just the messenger.:) Have fun with the homework...

  2. Brian,

    I've decided that children are God's way of teaching us how selfish, impatient, and generally depraved we are. Not always fun, but it's a good thing. It is his very practical way of reminding us to live our lives for other people.

    Just keep practicing patience. And pray. A lot. I believe that God uses this to change our hearts. As we practice being patient, he makes us patient. Over and over again. A little painful, but good for us.

    Fake it 'til you make it! ;)


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