September 19, 2008 the the update...

Yesterday ended up being a roller-coaster of a day:

Intake woman calls to say she hasn't heard from the caseworker, but when she does she will call me.
Intake woman calls and says that there is another foster family interested in taking the girls, and she'll call me back when she hears more. (Keep in mind they have already told us that the girls will be placed with us.)
Intake woman calls to say that Cassandra needs to stay in the same school district, I tell her that I will drive her to Olathe, she says she will call the caseworker and call me back.
Intake worker calls and says that the girls will be placed with us, but she is not sure of the date, and she gave the caseworker my number.
Caseworker calls me and tells me that the other foster parents don't want the girls moved until next Thursday evening. I ask her if there is any way that we could do it a little bit sooner, because I'm supposed to be out of town...she'll call back.
Caseworker calls and says they don't want to do it before Wednesday, so she will bring them that evening.

This all took from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night to transpire. I guess it wouldn't sound so bad unless you felt what we have invested in this, and the emotion that goes into overnight getting used to the thought of having two children, then getting used to the thought that you won't, then getting used to the thought that you will. It was a very up and down day.

However, we now know that Cassandra (7 yrs. old) and Jimena (he-MENA) (10 months old) will be coming to live with us Wednesday. We've been told that Cassandra is a very beautiful, very sweet, VERY headstrong little girl. :) ...and that Jimena is healthy and starting to walk. I think that it will be a blessing to have these last few days to prepare our hearts.
I cannot wait to see them and to get to know them. The first couple of weeks will probably be very trying for the girls, please pray that Jesus' love and understanding empathy, through us, overcomes.

We are very, very excited.

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