September 26, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise....

Well....the girls are here! We've had kind of a crazy couple of days, but things are going well (as long as you ignore the disaster that is our house :) ). I wanted to post a few pics of the girls.
Cassandra seems to be doing very well, and loves playing with Brian. Ximena, who goes by Mena, is also doing well, and is starting to adjust to our home. Both are sleeping through the night (praise God!). Mena won't go more than about 30 seconds without me holding if I can get her to take a nap today, I MIGHT get something done....but no promises.

We (kind of) celebrated a late birthday for Cassandra.


  1. Sweet pics...especially the one with Brian and Cassaundra in the party hats! You guys are awesome and we hope to see you soon....since we only live 6 houses away!

  2. Aw yeaaaa!! Beautiful girls! Auntie Amy can't wait to meet them! I like Casaundra's superstar pose =) And Brian was right, Mena does look older than 9 months!

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  4. They are so pretty! Can't wait to meet them! Congratulations!! Love, Aunt Jen

  5. I am so excited that you have a blog!!! I love the pics!! I can not wait to come over and meet the girls.


  6. I thought the first picture was of the seven-year old...

    Congratulations, and may God truly bless your home.

  7. They are beautiful!! What a great picture with the birthday hats! It's great to hear that things are going well. God bless!!


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