July 18, 2011

3 Months.

  That’s how long you’ve been here with us now, and I can no longer imagine life without you.  Although sometimes I do momentarily forget you’re there, because you’re such a content little baby.




  I spend all day every day with you, so generally, to me, you don’t seem particularly large or small, you’re just your size.  But when I see someone else holding you, I am reminded of what a tiny little baby you are.  You are tiny, with petite little features – I think you’ll be little like you’re Mama.

  Your eyes are still blue – and I really think they may stay that way.  You are beautiful with your dark hair and features and those blue eyes.  Makes me nervous for when you’re 16 and the boys start to notice how they stand out against your olive complexion. 


  You started doing all kinds of things this month (relative to what you could do before, of course).  You have started making lots of noises – and I’m not entirely sure you’re not going to be louder than your sister.  That’s a feat.  You should be proud.  You start making sounds and you get really excited and start making them as loud as you can.  Luckily, they are almost always happy sounds, and I love to hear them.


  You’ve also started laughing.  You are already very ticklish, and it’s so fun to make you giggle.  Nothing in this world brings me more joy than hearing you and your sister laugh.  Nothing.  You are a very content little baby and are happy almost all the time.

  Rolling over is your other new trick.  You have mastered it and are never on your belly for more than a few seconds now.  You can take as long as you want to start walking.  Really.  As long as you want.



  You looooovvvveee your sister.  Anytime she talks to you you smile.  She loves you too.  She loves to lay next to you and snuggle you – so much so that I usually upset her by making her stop.  This month a new sister joined our family, and you love her too.  She talks to you a lot and is a very good big sister.


  You’re little personality is starting to shine through and I love watching it.  I am trying my very, very hardest to soak you all the way up – but you are growing so fast!


Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you.




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  1. She looks so much like my foster boy! His eyes are just now turning into a gorgeous hazel. You are so blessed!


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