July 15, 2011

Active and Loud.


That’s how I make them.  Active.  Loud.

Most of my friends who are fully seasoned in active kids, meet Sylvia and say,

    Holy. Cow.

And she’s as loud as she is active.

And I love it.


It seems her sister may be following in her small footsteps.  She’s under three months and already regularly rolling from belly to back in both directions, and as of today, she’s working on rolling from back to belly.  She’s in a hurry.

Sylvie took her first steps at 9 months.  I think it’s possible that Naomi may have her mind set to do the same.





Anyone who knows Sylvie, knows that she is loud. 

Well, Naomi has found her voice, and I think that she may rival her sister.  Luckily, she makes happy sounds about 98% of the time.




Should we be worried?



(P.S. How is there not a better version of this on You Tube?  Hillarious.)

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