July 11, 2011

Her Own.

“There is an instinct in a woman to love

most her own child -

and an instinct to make any child

who needs her love, her own.”

                                            ~Robert Brault



  1. This picture brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for serving this sweet girl.

  2. Oh gosh. :( That is the worst kind of heartbreak for you, I know...you are such a good Mama to be able to love her so, and still make the decisions that are best for the babies.

  3. I've been following your blog for a few months, as my husband and I (and our three little girls) are just a health inspection away from being licensed to foster. Your post's inspire me, make me happy and sad, but these last ones about Bella break my heart, and made me cry.
    I can't imagine being such a little girl, being so sick, and having nobody. No mom to hold her and comfort her through her treatments. No place to go home to. Having to leave the hospital by herself. Having to be there alone.
    Ugh. It kills me.
    I wouldn't be able to do it, either. As much as I'd want to, it wouldn't be fair to our children, it would be to much.
    I am praying for Bella, that a wonderful loving family member will step in and be there for her, or a foster family who can "keep" her for a very, very long time. Praying for you guys as well through all of this.

  4. What a wonderful poem. I hope you can hang on until God provides a perfect family for her.


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