July 28, 2011

Always an adventure.

  Sylvia’s had quite the crash course in sharing these past few weeks – but I think that she’s getting the hang of it, and I think we’re all settling into a new normal.  Which is good, because it seems Bella will be with us for a while.



She really enjoys stealing my iPhone and taking pictures.


  Brian and I had no peace about asking her to move, but we just weren’t sure what to do.  The situation really seemed pretty impossible given our family’s life stage right now.  The medical side of things is just so intense, and we couldn’t figure out how to make it work with two other little ones.  But like I said, we had no peace. 


  We prayed about it.  A lot.  We weren’t sure how we were going to do it, but we were pretty sure that saying no was not the right answer.  We decided to try to make it work, and see what God had in mind in telling us not to give up.



I find pictures like this on it all. the. time.


  The very next day we got a call from the hospital telling us that they could set us up with a home health nurse who could come to our house to do all of her labs.

  We also have a resource family worker that is willing to do almost anything to provide us with support.  She’s really great.

  On top of all of that we were (finally) given a solid outline of her treatment schedule from here on out.  She has treatment every ten days until the beginning of September – and then she only has it once per month!  Doable.  She has one or two labs between each treatment, but those can be done at our house.

  Last, but not least, the caseworker set up visits for treatment days, so a family member will be there for her treatments – I take her and pick her up.


Obedience.  Provision.  God is good.




  So, little Bella is a part of our family for some unknown amount of time.  Things have been crazy, but also very blessed.  For every challenge there is a blessing, and we will only linger on the latter.


  I pray so intensely that she can go home safely and in a timely manner.  She is homesick like no child I’ve ever seen – which is probably significant.


Until then, a family of five we will be.




  1. I literally have chills from head to toe reading about God's provision in this situation. God is so good. Thank you for being obedient so we could all share in the blessings God had in mind for your family of five. :)

  2. Amazing!!! Go Popps! Blessed you. Blessed Bella. Praise God :)

  3. So cool to hear how God answers prayers. We are getting our first placement on Tuesday, so we would appreciate your prayers for that. We are excited and nervous at the same time. But so at peace too because we really feel like God is bringing this child to us for a very specific reason and what an opportunity for us to share Jesus' love in a practical way. Our lives are about to change, and they will never be the same (as you well know!).

  4. This makes me so happy I could cry! God is so good, I'm SO thankful that Bella can stay with your family.


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