September 20, 2011

Five Months.

  Little lady, I think between you and your sister I might just be in trouble.

You are wigglier than she ever was, and you’re louder too.  How that happened, I just can’t be sure.  Your personality is such that I am sure all I’ll be able to do is laugh at all the mischief you’ll get yourself into.

You are happy all. the. time.

Actually there was this one evening when we were hanging out with our friends and you were kind of cranky.  You cried some.  But yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it.  That’s the only time.  And it was past your bedtime.

You are some kind of joyful, girl.


If you haven’t heard by now, you look a little like your Mommy.  As in, indistinguishable baby pictures.  And with my new haircut, we kind of have the same hair going on too (maybe I’ll put a few little red streaks through it.).  I love that you look like me.  That sounds completely narcissistic, but really, I just love knowing that the whole world can tell you’re mine.


You roll on your own accord.  Nobody’s going to make your roll, or convince you it’s a good idea – you only do it when you decide it sounds good.  Maybe that’s some strong will peeking through (don’t know who you would have gotten that from…).  You are already scooting to get to toys.  Let me remind you, you are only five months old and mobility is not something that I’ll be begging for anytime soon – aka, slow down.  You love baby toys now and do absolutely anything in your power to get them into your mouth.  I don’t think teeth are very far down the road.


I think I’m dealing pretty well with how quickly you seem to be growing.  You are very petite, so I can convince myself that you aren’t really as old as you are.  You still seem very little, which I love.  The only chub on your whole body is on your thighs, and it is the cutest thigh chub ever.


You refuse to take a bottle.  It’s just not Mommy and you want nothing to do with it.  Secretly I’m ok with this.  I guess if I’m the only one who will suffice, I can handle that.  I love knowing that there’s no replacing Mommy.  And I’m not too keen on being away from you for very long anyway, so it works out well for all of us.


You love your sisters.  You think they are hilarious.  Bella and Sylvia can get you belly laughing faster than anyone or anything and all they have to do is smile at you.  It is very sweet.  Sylvia is so excited when you get up in the morning and she loves to “hode you”.  Your sisters are the first to rush to your side if they think you are upset.  Bella loves to ‘read you books’ and asks if she can talk with you anytime you are doing tummy time.  It’s so sweet.  Ridiculously, really.  Sometimes when I’m not looking, Sylvia tries to ride you like a horse.  I’m sorry about that.  I try to save you.


So, all this to say, I love you.  I just love you more and more and more every minute.  I don’t know how our family made it before you were here, but I’m sure glad you’re a part of us now.


Love you, love you, love you,


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  1. My favorite line in this whole blog is, "Sometimes when I'm not looking, Sylvia tries to ride you like a horse."

    Also, I like your haircut.


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