September 1, 2011

Always better when we’re together.

  As a foster parent, I always try my very hardest to support our kids going home and to help the family and kids work toward reunification.  That is, after all, the goal of foster care – to keep kids safe while simultaneously making it safe for them to be home.


Of course, there have been times when I did not want children to go home.  Those times were only in circumstances where I genuinely felt fearful for the safety of the children.  Outside of safety issues, kids should be with their parents.  Period.  I’m even willing to host a hearty debate on that.



All this to say, I have never wanted a child to go home like I want Bella to go home.  To read that sounds like I don’t love her.  I do.  But her Dad loves her more – and it shows.

  Every time I talk to him (virtually every night) he is excited to tell us about progress in the case plan and the things he is working on.  He has been nothing but appropriate on the phone to us as foster parents and to Bella. 

  He has even thanked us for caring for her during this time.  (If you foster, you know how over the top crazy that is.)  Which isn’t something that I, in any way, expect from bio parents – but it does show his understanding of the situation.


  Everything inside of me prays she goes home.

  Everything inside of me hurts for her Daddy every time we say goodbye.


Please pray for him.  And for her.  And that they get to be together.


  1. We are praying for her and him and that she gets to go home too! Though he will miss her...after you guys left today she said her name and with a big smile said big hug and then said Bia (sylvia) lil hug!!! I think she was excited that she got to plant a big one on her.

  2. It sounds like a good situation for a foster parent. Enjoy it while it lasts. Praying for you all :)

  3. I love hearing other foster parents with the same heart that we have for fostering.
    Praying with you that Bella gets to go home to daddy soon.

  4. I agree 100%. You'll find no debate from me about where kids belong.

    I am praying for Bella and her Daddy!


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