September 28, 2011

Pills, pills, pills.

When I was little and our family would make our 24 hour car ride out to Arizona each year to see my grandparents, I would always sleep on the floor of the living room in their little trailer.  I distinctly remember every morning, my grandpa getting up and (while making an unbelievable amount of noise with the cabinet doors and pans) getting ready for the day.  He’d also sing a little ditty that went “Pills, pills, pills, look at all these pills”, while he was getting he and my grandma’s meds ready for the day.  I don’t know why I remember that.


I think I’m going to adopt his song though.


Bella started maintenance on Monday for her treatment.  This is great news, because it seems that mostly we’re coasting for the next year and a half until her treatment is done. 

Thus far, the maintenance meds and treatment don’t seem to be getting her down much – no nausea, no energy loss, no losing feeling in her feet.  (all side effects.)  So we are singing our thanks for that.


With maintenance, we were given 4 new meds – which brings us to errrr….13 or 14 I think.

Like I said…..Pills, pills, pills.

Although most of hers are liquid (thank goodness) and also taste really good according to Bella, so that makes our lives much easier.  Mostly it’s just a matter of getting into routines with the meds every time they change them so that I can remember what comes in the morning and what comes at night.


But….all of her counts are high, they say that she seems to be reacting to the treatment well, and I think we are past most of the scary stuff.  I’m not sure we’re completely in the clear as far as remission goes, but I think we’re getting there!

The doctor even cleared for her to start preschool!!  We weren’t able to at the beginning of the year because she was still too susceptible to infection and germs – but the doc says we can give it a go!  I’m so excited – I think she will loooove going to preschool – I can’t wait to get to tell her when we get her enrolled.

No news on Bella’s sister.  We’ll see I suppose.




Good news on all fronts.  Feeling very blessed.


  1. Love this picture. Love those girls. Also, you forgot to mention that when Grandpa was banging pots around, it was 4:30. AM.


Thanks for commenting!!


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