April 12, 2010


That is, Sylvia and I are.  Three boys, and just us two girls.  After all the burping and farting that’s been going on the last two days (that apparently my 26 year old husband still thinks is funny) I feel like breaking out into a remix of ‘I Will Survive’.  Probably more like adapt, I’ll have to adapt to this new testosterone driven household.  It’s different.

{I’ll refer to the boys as Jae and Zee.  Not to be confused with JayZ the rapper.  Is he even producing music anymore?  Pitiful, I’m so not up on cool music.  Anyway.  Jae and Zee they are.}

Jae and Zee seem to be doing really pretty well given their circumstances.  Third (I think) foster home in nine months.  Third school in nine months.  Third life in nine months.  Third set of friends in nine months.  And through all of that, they seem to be adapting so well.  They get along really well, despite they have completely opposite personalities. 

Jae, 9,  is on the quiet side.  I can tell he is very sensitive.  We were enjoying a baseball game yesterday and when I was rooting for the batter to get struck out he looked at me very seriously and said, “I don’t think it’s very nice to root for him to do bad.  I think we should root for everyone.”  He’s super sweet, and the emotional impact of the transition has been more apparent with him. 

Zee, 8, is very, very not quiet.  That kid has enough energy for about 3 adults and 2 puppies.  Of course, he’s an 8 year old boy, so I would expect nothing else.  His last foster home had him tested for ADHD (these are actually the first boys we’ve EVER fostered that have not been on medication for ADHD – kinda makes you wonder – but all that for another post.) and the doctor said that he is a ‘high risk’ child for ADHD.  They were going to put him on meds.  I say we’re going to wait it out.  Kids in the system get a bad rap.  I say he has as much energy as an 8 year old boy should.  I can tell that Zee is going to test us a bit more than Jae will.  I also think that he is going to hide his emotions about all of this behind his perky personality.  All challenges we’ll work through together.


We’re still waiting to hear anything more about their case.  No word on visits with parents, therapy, or even about their case history – but hopefully we’ll be filled in soon. 


These kids are fabulous.  Albeit they’re obsessed with bodily functions, think it is totally weird that I nurse Sylvia, and are completely grossed out by girls {explaining to them that I am a girl did no good.}, I think I’ll get used to this boy thing.


  1. I teach kindergarten and frequently have foster children in (and out) of my classroom, so I can relate with how quickly children change schools when placements/situations change. I commend you for providing stability to these kids!

    I find your life so completely fascinating and love following your every day adventures! Thanks for posting :)

  2. My brothers are 8 and 9 and although I don't know what you're going through with two older foster children, I can definitely relate to the very fact that they are BOYS. Loud, crazy, silly, weird noise-making boys! I've lived with my brothers for years and I'm still not used to it...maybe you'll have better luck! : )

    Enjoy your week!

  3. My son is eight and is a normal energetic boy. His teacher recently asked me to talk to his doctor about having him tested for ADHD and other things. He is getting good grades and is not harming anyone so I am not talking to my doctor about his energy (it would have to be very severe for me to medicate). For heaven's sake we all wish we had that kind of energy!

    I see it as my job as his parent to help him learn self control and to use his energies productively. Later in life that energy and vigor will enable him to succeed!

  4. So glad they are doing well. It breaks my heart that they have been in three homes in such a short time.

    Boys do fart a lot.

  5. Glad that they are doing well! I also completely support you waiting on meds to see how they do in a safe, structured, nuturing environment. BIG KUDOS to you for trying to look for other reasons for active boy behavior! :)


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