April 18, 2010

Project 365 – Week 10


Brian snuck and got some pictures of me and Sylvie sleeping just before he hit the sack.  Snugglin’ up with my baby girl at night is by far one of my favorite parts of my day.



Sylvie at the beginning of our 10 hour road trip to Chicago.

Fortunately she only did this for about 20 minutes of the whole trip.

(Road trip coverage to come.)



Waiting for the train to take us into the city.


IMG_6310Chicago style pizza.  Mmmmm.


IMG_6377  Our niece Ava’s birthday cake.  Adorable.


IMG_6380 Sylvia has started squinting up her eyes really little when she smiles.  Will she end up with her Mommy’s smile?  Whoever’s it is, it is cute.



Dirty toes = fabulous spring day.

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