April 15, 2010

Why Foster?

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Reason #935.

There are approximately 143 million orphans around the world.

About 500,000 orphans live in the United States.

Of those in foster care, 150,000 children are waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

There are over 300,000 churches in the United States.


If {one} family in every two churches adopted a child from foster care – there would be no more waiting children.  Only waiting families.


There are over {fifty} verses in the bible that refer to orphans.  We are directed to do something meaningful, tangible to impact the lives of these children.  God doesn’t ask us if we want to.  He doesn’t ask us if they’ll fit, or if our bank accounts are full. (He is the provider, after all.)  He doesn’t ask us if we have time.  He doesn’t ask us if we feel equipped.  He doesn’t ask us if it will be inconvenient.


He tells us.

“Religion that I accept as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their need and to keep yourself from being polluted by the world.”



That just. doesn’t. sound. like a request.

It sounds like God telling us what matters to Him, and telling us to make Him what matters.



{If you have any questions about fostering, the process, how it works, the kids, how to help outside of actually being a foster parent, or adoption through foster care – please let me know!   I’ll help as much as I can or point you in the right direction.  You can leave questions in the comments or e-mail me!}


  1. Amen, Amen, Amen! That's really all I can say.

    I'm yet to figure out why Christians think it is okay not to adopt. I try not to judge, I try so, so hard, but it really baffles me.

  2. We have been blessed with the adoption of two of our foster kids. Fostering has been the biggest challenge and biggest blessing for our family.

  3. I'm a Christian...I have not adopted...Why you ask? Simply because if I cannot do something well, I have no business doing it at all. We do foster care, and hubby and I decided that either we are foster parents or we are adoptive parents, but to straddle that fence would be excruciatingly difficult on all of us-we have 4 kids. The goal of fostering is reunification with parents, and although that has only happened 1/3 of the time, and the others have been adopted, it would have been too painful for the kids to ask over the course of those 2 years, 'are we keeping him/her mom?We know there is a crushing need for foster parents and would have to give that up if we adopted, we have been blessed with 4 children, there are many adoptive parents on long waiting lists... these are some of the reasons we have felt led to make this decision. I also want to caution both the author of the post as well as the commenters that what God calls you to do, is not necessarily what he calls someone else to do. Also, without directly referring to you all, backpatting about your own choices is not the way to convince others that this is a good way to go. You have been led to adopt, we have heard the call to foster, someone else has been called to pray for all of us, etc. In a perfect world, not only would adoptive parents and foster parents be eagerly lined up, but there wouldn't be a child to be had as they were all still with their bio parents. Hopefully this comment does not create a ruckus, just trying to keep some perspective and balance on this emotional issue.
    Thanks for reading, Suz

  4. These are some of the reasons I feel awkward about telling my church family about our decision to become foster parents. Yes, it's a commandment (there are A LOT of commandments, it is difficult if not impossible to do them all, that's where the mercy of Christ comes in). We're also doing it because it is the right season for us, and because we felt specific promptings (signs?) that this is what God wants us to do. There are different times and seasons for everyone.

    That said, it is very difficult to talk to other religious people about fostering when they are telling me about their brand new cars, how many vacations they're going on this summer, or that they can't fit in little Johnny's 59th extra curricular activity. I would think that the last person I would have to explain foster care (or adoption) to is a fellow Christian. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm judging, but if someone asks me why we're doing it, it's hard to not point out that there is too much superfluous crap in our lives that could be discarded so that we can serve our fellow man in some way.

    (Personally, I think we're splitting hairs to try and put adoption or fostering over one another. My husband put it this way - we can foster 100 kids for a short time and make a difference or we can adopt one or two kids and make a difference. Both are hugely worthwhile, and, I believe, fulfill the commandment to care for orphans.)

  5. Suz,
    Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate your thoughts.
    I understand totally your thoughts on fostering but not adopting. It is a very difficult line to follow, especially with other kids in the home. And I agree with Jendoop - I think that weighing foster vs. adoption is really splitting hairs. Both are so important! Brian and I thus far have not adopted through our fostering experience, and we've discussed the same issue - having to stop foster if we adopt.
    I also agree that foster is not for everyone! On all of my other Why Foster? posts I've put a disclaimer at the bottom of the post clarifying that I am aware that not everyone is called to foster - I just forgot on this one (you caught me! ;) ). I just figure, that the fact is that there is a great need. God will decide who's hearts to prompt and when, and if I can be used as a vessel then I feel very blessed. God has called me to advocate for these children, so advocate I will. I hope I didn't make anyone feel like if they are called to something different that they are wrong - didn't mean that at all!!
    As for the backpatting - I'm not sure that that is what anyone here was doing. I think that the fellow foster parents who read each other's blogs do so to find fellowship and encouragement, not to make each other feel good. It's just good to know you're not alone, no matter what adventure you're on!

    I hope that I did not offend with this post. But I will continue to advocate for fostering. Thanks again for your comment, I'm so glad you felt comfortable sharing your thoughts, and I hope you continue to do so! :)


    Jendoop- I'm so on your page! I am really looking forward to following your journey - I love reading your thoughts on your blog!

  6. I barely dare leave a comment, because it is so incredibly easy to be mis-understood. Case in point, the semi-angry commenters on your other blog entry. I am very uncomfortable to be thrown into the 'nasty commenters' role, as that was and is in no way my intent. I suppose what got me thinking about the 'proverbial back patting' was Kylee's comment, and without unnecessarily pointing fingers directly at her, because she is certainly not alone in this in my experience, I said: "without directly referring to you all". Kylee is still a young woman, and I really did not mean to put her enthusiasm to do good down in any way. However, I still believe that it is comments such as hers, that tend to put more 'backs up' then winning others over, which would be a much better goal. I was really not calling your entire blog a place to back pat, as I sincerely enjoy reading it, and yes, admire you for what you are doing for Christ. I was only cautioning about the topic you wrote about that day, and yes, perhaps if the disclaimer was there I would not have felt so strongly about bringing this element out. Please, I do not mean to be the troll that people think I am...I too was only trying to do His work, only obviously people did not see that angle of it when they interpreted it as something nasty. Sorry to one and all, I hope this explains it somewhat.
    In conclusion, I am going back to my lurking status, as this was upsetting enough, and I'm better off keeping my word bumbling to myself. Wishing you well. Suz


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