July 21, 2010

Not really sure…

 what in the world I was thinking yesterday when I said things were back to normal around here.


But they are not.


Every minute is a struggle.


Really, really hoping the boys don’t make decisions that make it unsafe for them to be here.


  1. I imagine that as moving comes closer you will see more and more behaviour, hang in there.

  2. I'm with the previous commenter; sounds like you're right on with your assessment of the boys, but that doesn't make the day to day any easier. You are making a world of difference in the long term for them though... sometimes I think it would help so much if we could just have a glimpse of the future - of our impact.

  3. What you are doing for those boys is so inspiring,even though it is tough I am sure they will one day look back at their time with you and know that you loved them and were truly looking for their best interest!I am grateful for your blog because it has really drawn our family to want to foster, thank you!


  4. hang in there...and don't let things get so bad that you regret letting it go on too long

  5. Do the boys know about the upcoming move? Is that why the sudden escalation?

  6. Thanks for all of your encouragement. Today's been really hard - update soon.

    I don't think the boys know about any moves at all. No one has talked to them about it, and we've all been very careful not to discuss it when they are around. Really it's been building up to this - we've just been hoping it wouldn't continue to get worse.


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