July 11, 2010

Project 365 – Week 21


Jae was very proud of his domino people.


IMG_7785 Sylvie and her bestie loungin’ at the pool.



Zee and his brother.  You can definitely see the resemblance.



Hangin’ at the park with all the kids.  Super fun memories.



This is currently my favorite Sylvia expression.  I can’t even capture it, because she doesn’t sit still long enough – but she makes this face, like she has just discovered the most exciting thing in the whole world.  (Like the santa weeble, for example.)  No sounds, just pure excitement on her sweet face.



Jae saw me sewing, and asked me to teach him.  I was so excited for the chance to do something together!  We decided to make a drawstring bag for his legos.


Of course he acted like it pained him to sit at the machine with me.  But I know that secretly he loved the one on one time.



While we were sewing the bag, Brian was making a rubber band gun with Zee.  He was very excited.  (Pending anyone from SRS reading this – it’s harmless.  It shoots rubber bands.  Just enough sting to make it fun.  Ha!)

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  1. What a great family!

    Will Brian teach my son and I how to make a rubber band gun? Awesome!


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