June 21, 2010


Well, we just got back from Horn Creek.  It was great – I’m not really even sure where to start…

The first 24 hours were rough for the boys.  They ended up having to spend a significant amount of time in the cabin as a consequence for their behavior.  We went out to dinner after we arrived, and they did all they could to make sure they made a scene.  I was afraid that night was a preview of our week to come…but overall they did pretty well for the rest of the week.  We had a few bumps, but nothing major.

There was so much for us to do together, and in the down time we didn’t have to worry about who the kids were running around with, so we just got to let them run and play.  They made a pretty substantial fort against a boulder, explored the woods surrounding the cabin, and made lots of friends.

So much fun, I’ll probably have to do it in two posts.


IMG_7372 This is the part where I have to close my eyes and hold my breath until my husband regains his sanity.



IMG_7384 Zee spending some extended time in the cabin after making some ‘bad decisions’.  At least he’s happy!



One night they hang a log from the ceiling, two people straddle it without touching the floor, and you have a pillow fight until someone falls off – great fun!



One day we went into Colorado Springs and went to Whit’s End.  And Adventures in Odyssey fans out there?



mmmm….Sylvie loves her some ice cream.



We also went to Garden of the Gods – gorgeous.

The boys did some climbing.


Sylvie did some climbing of her own…



One morning we had a pancake breakfast, but you have to catch your pancakes as they’re flipped off the griddle – Sylvia obviously was not a fan of this idea.



Bowling at the rec center… Jae has an…interesting form.




Western night!


Both the boys developed severe crushes on a couple of the teenage girls…



Sylvie even developed a little crush of her own…



  1. Looks like a great time!!! We went to Colorado 6 times last year during a contested adoption hearing. It is beautiful there...

  2. That looks like a blast! I love Odyssey, and Ruby's starting to enjoy it, as well. :) She would really enjoy going to Whit's End. :)

    I'll definitely have to check this out.

    I'm glad you guys are back and that you had a good time! :)

  3. Wonderful! Except for the first day. Gotta have the bad to know how good it is when they're good, right?

    We went to Garden of the Gods several times, it is a fun place.

    So glad you were able to go!


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