June 25, 2010

They're baaaccckkk...

The boys came home from camp today.  Responses were varied:

Zee: (Very Excited) It was so much fun!!! {Insert list of all the fun things they did}

Jae:  We didn't do anything fun the whole week.  (Typical)

I'm praying with everything in me that Jae's heart can begin to heal.  We are going to play the next couple of weeks by ear and see how things go.  I so hope that we can work through all this.

Their caseworker was going to cancel the visit again this week.  She called me late on Wednesday to tell me that the person who takes the boys to the visit was out of town and that they couldn't find someone else.  This leads me to believe that she didn't contact the company that does the transportation until late Wednesday either - so, really?  Is it any suprise that they couldn't replace the driver with a whopping two days notice? 
Court is next week, and I think there is a chance that this week would be their last visit with mom.  Possibly ever?  And it's cancelled?  For the THIRD week in a row?  Ugh.

Luckily I'm married to the best man ever and he is, as we speak, driving the boys two and a half hours to their visit.  He's fabulous. 


  1. Wow must be a quiet house. :-)

    I will pray this for J too. I just KNOW he wants to let love in (like with those despised hugs he secretly likes) but doesn't know how / is afraid to...

  2. So nice that your hubby is taking him to the visit even though it is a good drive away....

  3. They're blessed to have you. Imagine an older, healed, J saying thank you.

  4. that is so sweet, esp. if you think it may be their last. i am so glad those boys have someone that cares enough to do that for them.

  5. Praying for all this to work out. I know it can't be easy. Oh...and I read yours too! Thanks!


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