June 8, 2010

Discipline Question.

Q:  What's your discipline philosophy? What do you do when they aren't listening and can't verbalize enough to communicate?

A:  Sorry it's taken so long to answer!
That depends on if you mean they can't verbalize because they are so upset, or because they are so young.
If they are too young to verbalize (2 and underish) then I just go with redirection - at that point they are really too young to understand discipline. Above 2ish I start doing time outs.
If they can't verbalize because they are so upset and out of control, then we do 'cool down time' in their room or on the couch. They have to sit there until they can talk through it and are able to calm down.
Not sure if this is helpful at all! If you have any other questions about how we discipline then let me know!

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