June 20, 2010

Project 365 – Week 18

I missed a week.  Which makes me sad.  We were in Colorado, and why would I spend a bunch of time posting pictures when I could be out on the side of a mountain soaking up God’s b-e-a-utiful creation?  So, I’d say it’s justified.


IMG_7353 IMG_7357 Driving in the mountains on our way to camp.


IMG_7363 Exploring camp with my Daddy.



This picture really captures Zee so well…spidering up the side of a rock with a wild look in his eyes.



Me and my Grandpa!



How cute is this little man?

(If anyone from SRS does read this blog – it’s IBC Rootbeer.  No worries.)



Napping on my Mommy during a hike through the forests of Colorado.  Does it get better than this?



The whole fam.



More to come on our trip to Colorado….

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