June 8, 2010

A Special Night.

We have progress!  (Can I get an ‘amen!’)  The boys saved up enough marbles for a special night.

The story on the marbles is as follows:

  They each have a behavior chart (which seem to be working pretty well as reminders of what is not appropriate behavior, and motivation to at least try.).  Each behavior chart has four behaviors that need some work {by some work, I mean full blown renovation.} and each behavior has three checkmark boxes next to it.  Each checkmark box has a specific discipline linked to it, with each checkmark getting progressively more serious.  We actually write the consequence in the checkmark boxes so that it is completely clear to the boys what will happen should they get another checkmark. 

  At the end of each day, we look at their behavior chart for that day, and if they do not have any check marks for any of the four behaviors, then they get a marble for that behavior.  So they have the opportunity to get four marbles per day.  If they save up 10 marbles, they can turn them in for a pack of Pokemon cards.  If the save up 20 marbles, they get to go out for a special night with either Brian or I.

  Both of the boys saved up twenty marbles as of Saturday, so they got to decide what we were going to do for the evening!  We couldn’t get babysitting for Sylvie at that late of notice, so the movies were out.




First they decided that they wanted to go to Fazoli’s for dinner.  A ‘fancy’ restaurant.  (It’s possible restaurant should be in quotations as well.)


IMG_7299 Zee’s best effort to take a pic of Brian and I.  Fail.


Then they wanted to go bowling!  So fun!





Jae was very dramatic about the bowling experience.






IMG_7315 Then we went for frozen custard!


It was such a fun night, and the boys were so excited that they had saved up enough marbles.  I was so proud of them!  Hopefully it won’t be tooooo long before we get to celebrate a special night again.

I really do feel like we’ve made some progress with their behaviors.  {I say that now, don’t ask me in five minutes.}  And I can tell they trust us so much more than they did at first.  It’s looking like they could be with us for a while (more on that in another post.) so I’m looking forward to seeing even more progress!


  1. The pics of Jae crawling on the ground made me LOL!
    And yay for them staying! I love being their auntie! I told Jon I have a feeling that when we're in CO they're gonna be like "Where's Jon why didn't you bring him you are LAME Aunt Amy" :-)

  2. How can I get a fun night with you and Brian...I've been saving my marbles :)...I love this idea and I love that the reward is time together as a family!

  3. The reward system is good for parents too, it helps us realize that they are trying! It's hard to change, especially with all the upheaval in their lives. Great job boys!

  4. How exciting! I love the marbles idea. We used to do something similar with our son but we used stickers, I like marbles better though because its something tangible. I am sure the boys were so happy as they watched the jar fill up.

  5. Love the marble idea!! I wish I had done that with my 6 year old foster son!!


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