June 8, 2010

Clothing Question.

Q:Random question to get you started:  You seem to take all ages, shapes and sizes. Do you have a stockpile of clothes, or do you start from scratch each time?

A: We do have a stockpile of clothes. When we started fostering a bunch of people gave us clothes (not so much now that we've been doing it a while) and I organized them into bins for ages.
We collect clothes as we go, like clothes that kids grow out of while they are in our home, and we keep those organized too.
We don't have a ton of clothes for any one size, but usually enough to hold us over until we can get to the store.

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  1. we do the same:) we have at least a pair of pjs and outfit or two for every size and in smaller sizes we have a lot from hand me downs ect.

  2. I was just going to ask if this ever came through to you! It was my first attempt at using the widget. I never got a confirmation and it looks like it came up as anonymous, event though I had intended it show up as me.

    Anyway, we've been doing "swap meets" before our FPA meetings. I haven't taken anything, b/c I'm not sure what I need at this point. When I first started, I stocked up on underwear, socks, pjs and sweats for girls from 12 months to 14 years old. Funny thing though, I had to break into the socks for David [my respite a few weeks ago] b/c he forgot his. Thank goodness only the toe was purple!

    Btw, when you get a chance, email me at [remove quotes] "carminecrayon" AT gmail DOT com. I don't have your email and need it to add you to my new blog!


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