About Me.

I'm Maggie.  Mama to this ever changing clan, and so blessed that most days I take it for granted (working on that).  Brian and I met in college and got married in January of 2007.  I got my degree in Social Work and after graduation I started working for the state as a caseworker for children in foster care.  I quit working when we became foster parents so that I could devote my energy to these incredible kids.  I love being a Mama.  Not to say I'm always great at it.
In October of 2009 we welcomed home our first child who looks like us.  She'll probably never actually be the oldest in our family, and she's not likely to be the youngest either, but she has stolen our hearts.
Speaking of hearts - fostering is my passion.  Actually I'd say people are my passion - fostering is how that has manifested itself. I also love crafting, being outdoors, Cardinals baseball, reading, camping, and hanging out with my friends and family.
God has called us to this life, and we will live it with his guidance and strength.  I hope that this blog will open eyes to need, encourage those already fostering, and offer a glimpse into fostering for those considering it.  And this wouldn't be about me if I didn't say:  You should become a foster parent.  You'd be great at it.



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