March 6, 2010


Today Sylvia turns 5 months, and Brian turns 26! We celebrated by going out and watching the MU vs. kU game - which didn't end up being much of a celebration. The jayhawks have to make up somehow for having such a lame mascot, so who can really blame them?
Anyway...I feel so incredibly blessed to have these two in my life. I am so looking forward to watching Sylvia grow, and also looking forward to growing old with Brian.

Sylvia, you started doing so many new things this month!
  • Now you roll over in both directions consistently. Tummy time is a thing of the past, because now you're so good at rolling to your back! Of course, then you get to your back and you're not happy there either, so you roll back over to your belly - but you'll be sitting up before we know it!
  • This month you started giggling so much! It's so much fun to make you laugh - and your dad appreciates having someone around who thinks he's funny. (joking! ...but not really.) You love to be thrown up into the air, and you're starting to like to be tickled!
  • You light up any time you see me or your daddy. I love it. I know you won't always be so happy to see me, so I'm really soaking it up. Your smile melts my heart.
  • At your four month appointment you weighed just over 14 pounds, and you were 25 inches long! You are growing so fast!
  • You grab for anything you can now and put it in your mouth. Sometimes when I'm holding you you grab my face and pull it to your mouth and hold it there. There is nothing better than your baby kisses!
At the ripe old age of 26 Brian hasn't hit many new milestones. Except he promised me that he would start cleaning up after himself without fail. That sounds like a wonderful 26th birthday milestone, yeah? (Ha! I can wish!)

Happy Birthday to my two loves. I am overjoyed that God has blessed me with you two, and I pray that I can also be a blessing in your lives. Love you!


  1. Just found your site and it's tugging at my heartstrings. My husband and I are starting the process to become foster parents. We haven't even told our parents yet but we're excited and sure.

    Thanks for your insights and real life example.

  2. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the blog!! I hope that it is helpful. If you have any questions at all about fostering - let me know! You can leave them as comments or e-mail me - I'd be happy to help in any way I can - I know it is a scary process!


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