March 25, 2010

False Start.

You’d think I would learn.  You’d think I’d just wait to post anything about any potential placement until the kids were actually standing in my living room.  But alas, apparently I’m a slow learner.


You guessed it.  I know you did.

We are not having four children coming to stay with us.  Not this week anyway.  But it is such a praise.  Not because I will maintain my sanity for a short while longer, but because the reason they are not coming to stay here is that they found an adoptive home for them!!!  All four of them!!!  Together for good!!!  I am so thrilled and thankful.  What a blessing for those children to not have to ever move again, to have a forever home, to know real love!

I have to say I was a little bummed, after all, we had already started making preparations for a very large increase to our small family.  However, the system did not let us down.  ha. 

We got a call not ten minutes later for another placement.  I’m mostly convinced that it just took them a while to get our profile changed back to being open for placements after the X-man left – because since the start of this week we have not failed to get a phonecall for a placement in any 24 hour period.  Once a day.  Once a day they’ve called us with children who need a home. (Have I mentioned you should become a foster parent?)  We had to turn down a couple of placements due to physical aggression on the children’s part.  If there is one thing that we can not risk, it’s that Sylvia would get injured.

Anyway.  We are expecting a call on Sunday to set up a *pre-placement visit* with a 7 year old little girl who is soon being discharged from a residential facility.  I’ll tell you more about her in another post.  But there I go again – too early to know for sure – so I’m not making any promises that she’ll be joining our family either!  But like I’ve said before – all this is a little like a roller coaster, and as foster parents you have to be flexible.  (Not like, touch your toes flexible. More like tie yourself in a pretzel flexible.)


And just for kicks and giggles (I’m certain my Nana’s version of that saying wasn’t quite so clean, but…) I’ll share a picture of this pretty girl.








*A pre-placement visit is when a foster child visits with potential foster parents for a little while (an hour or so) so that both parties can get to know each other before the actual move.  It’s supposed to help cut down on disruptions, and help the child feel more comfortable when they move.


  1. The only constant is change, right? So happy they got a forever family though! Good luck with whoever ends up in your home, they're blessed too :)

  2. All of the uncertainty is hard sometimes but it always ends up of the best! I am happy to hear they are going to a forever family that can keep them together, thats wonderful. When the right placement for your family comes I am sure it will all work out just perfectly:)

  3. Praise God that they are going to an adoptive home placement ALL four of them! I will be praying for ya on this next placement. ;) Thanks for the education on the pre-placement.

  4. Thanks for your encouragement :) I have enjoyed reading about your guys' family! Its nice to "meet" another young family so passionate about adoption (and foster care)! :)


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