March 27, 2010

Obviously a Gentleman.

We’re staying busy with this young man.

This morning he got up bright and early.  Brian got up with him so that I could try to let Sylvia sleep a little longer.  He was antsy for something to do, so they took off to the store to get some breakfast goodies.

I heard the garage door when they returned, and Sylvie was waking up, so I got up and went down stairs.  I heard some whispering, and when I rounded the corner he popped out at me with a bouquet of flowers!

“I told Brian he needed to get these for you.  I told him you are a good wife, and you’re pretty.  And that he’s a lucky man.”




I like this kid already!


  1. Oh my!! What a sweetie pie!!!

  2. That's quite a personality. Keep that honeymoon coming, right?

  3. You'll definitely recruit foster parents with stories like that!

  4. I just passed an "Easter Basket" to you via my blog! Come and get it!

  5. So precious! I think that I like him already too :)

  6. That is absolutely precious..


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