March 24, 2010

Why Foster?


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Because these four kids need someone like you.  (By the way, when I post, and I refer to you, I’m not just talking about that person you think would be perfect for the job, or the person who is magic with kids, or the person who never loses their patience <do they exist?>, I’m talking about you.  The person reading this post.  The person that for *whatever* reason keeps reading these posts on why you should get involved.  That person.)


All four of these kids are actually up for adoption here.  You know you want to check it out.



(I always feel like I need to put some kind of disclaimer on these posts.  I realize fostering isn’t for everyone.  But it could be for you, so check it out.  Also, there are a million ways to impact the lives of children in foster care.  If you’d like info on other ways to help out, let me know!  Questions?  Send them my way!)


  1. Nice job advocating for these kids! My husband and I are seriously considering opening our house and hearts back up. Right now is not the right time, but we are waiting for him to tell us when is.

  2. What sweet little faces! I wish more people could be involved in the BLESSING that is opening your home up to foster children!

  3. How did you set up your search? I could only find 1 of the 4 children you pictured.


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