March 11, 2010

Update on the X-man...

I promised X-man's new foster mom that I wouldn't call her every other day to check and see how he's doing - and I've kept my promise.  Now I just stalk her on facebook to make sure she hasn't posted new pictures or status' with him in it!  Ha!  H, if you read this, I still promise I won't call everyday - BUT today might be one of those not-everyday calls.  I'm so itching to hear that sweet boy's voice.
Anyway, I have talked to his foster mom a couple of times though, and X-man is doing fabulously.  His brothers are over the top excited to have him living with them, and the transition seems like it was a pretty smooth one. 
Our worker talked to Brian this week, and....drum roll please....
     charges have been filed!
We've been waiting for criminal charges to be filed on both of his parents since he came to us in September - and finally it's done.  There is a court hearing at the end of the month addressing the charges, and starting then there will most likely be a no contact order.  If the charges go through both mom and dad will end up in jail.  (assuming we know where dad is by then - as of now he's MIA.)
I just wanted to let you all know - I know I'm excited, relieved, what emotion is appropriate when someone is going to jail?  Anyway, I feel at peace about this.  Hopefully the boys can finally put their past behind them.

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