March 8, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5

Tax time, and Sylvia is evidently worth a lot of money to the federal government.
Sylvie and her friend Elliana. Elliana was giving her some love.

Bath Time!
First real tears! Broke Mama's heart! Actually, Brian called out from the backseat of the car that she was crying real tears, and I immediately said "Grab the camera!"

Sylvie and her friend Charlie - we got to visit with our friends Dustin and Katie while I was out of town for a fostering training.
SO tired of driving across the completely flat plains of the midwest.
Go Tigers!


  1. I couldn't agree more with the flat surroundings of the midwest. I miss the trees and hills of TN.
    Stacy Galloway

  2. Silvia is just such an adorable little girl.
    I know its so sad to see your baby cry. Unfortunately it will happen more and more as they grow.
    My son cries real tears any time he's mad. Its so sad but sometimes its for the funniest reasons ever so I can't help but laugh. That sounds horrible, I don't think its funny when he cries, I think the reasons he cries are funny sometimes. Sort of diva like.

  3. Speaking of taxes - Husband is REALLY hoping Mark and Nikki stay until June 30 so we can get those tax deductions - we've had 10 kids come through in one year, none longer than three months! (Although that is best for them, of course...)


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