March 18, 2010

Soaking up Sylvie.

So, as you know, I’ve been slightly anxious to have another child (or children.) placed with us.  However, in the last few days I’ve been so sweetly reminded to really soak up this time I have with just my Sylvie girl.  Any time has the potential to be the last hour, day, week, that she is an only child – and I am really working so hard to make sure I don’t miss a beat.  Like this morning when we woke up and she babbled for five minutes before she even opened her eyes.  Then she proceeded to charm me with her squeals, smiles, and baby kisses for half an hour before we got out of bed.  These are things we can’t do when there is more than one.  This is such a precious age, and I’m so glad that I get to share it with her one on one.

It feels a bit like being a grade-schooler trying to soak up the last few days of summer break.  Knowing it will be over soon, but not quite being able to grasp what it is you’ll be missing.  Having multiple kids is just a different kind of beautiful, but I want to remember this beautiful as well.  When our time alone is over, I want to know that I enjoyed lovin’ on my baby girl, and didn’t spend half the time pining over who would be placed with us next.

Not to mention the fact that just in the last few days – Sylvia has decided it is a good idea to take naps.  This is newsworthy.  2-3 hours every day to accomplish whatever it is I’d like to get done?  It’s incredible!  That, and the simple reminder that just a few short weeks ago I was barely able to leave the house (two children who can’t walk + errands = INSANITY.) gives me good reason to soak up the relaxation that is having one child.







Mommy and Sylvie on her first real walk outside! (It’s been too cold until now!)


Here’s a picture of the last time Sylvia went on a walk ouside…

September 2009 068



So, change will come, but right now, me and Sylvie girl are soaking it up.


P.S. Probably a good time to add that our respite placement for this weekend was canceled.  ugh.  oh well.  I should remind myself, also, that no calls means there are less kids coming into care, which is fabulous.


  1. She is such a doll, and could you have been any cuter preggo?! Both of your are darling. Enjoy your mommy-Sylvie time...I know the "itch" too, but then I remember you only get to do everything with your first one once ;)

    I bet you'll have another placement before you know it! God's timing, right?!

  2. Have to agree.. you were adorable pregnant! So cute. And that little Sylvie is SO adorable. I cherish all of those babbles and snuggles in the morning too. They won't be babies forever. :)

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  4. Sylvie is so sweet... I'm happy the respite was cancelled so that you can have more squealing fun with your baby girl! Maybe she'll do something that she's never done and you will get it on video to share with everyone... ;-)


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