March 30, 2010

Male Bonding.

Thing I learned in the two days that we had a pre-pubescent boy:


1. Boys smell.  Girls may be made of sugar and spice, yadayada, but boys? Boys are made of sweat, grime, two days of pretending that you brushed your teeth when you didn’t, and farts.  s.m.e.l.l.y.


2.  Boys need masculine love.  I’ve noticed this with kids of the male persuasion that we’ve been blessed with before – but I really felt like having an older male made that need even more apparent.  *Popcorn* was glued to Brian at the hip.  During meals he asked to sit next to him, he wanted to ride next to him in the car, and any time he was doing something he wanted Brian right there just in case something cool happened.  Popcorn lives with his momma, and I think he really soaked up the male bonding time.  I think I even heard a few grunts and pounding of chests.


3.  Popcorn’s momma has done a good job at teaching him manners.  He says please and thank you, he opens doors, he informs Brian how to treat me like a lady (Ha!), and he apologizes when he feels like he’s done something wrong.  Chalk it up to the honeymoon phase, but I think it is sweet, and I want to make sure that I teach any boys we may have these very same things.


4.  If you let boys watch lots of rated ‘R’ movies, Southpark, Family Guy, and listen to unending amounts of rap music – it will probably come back to bite you in your rear.  This kid needs some serious detox from all things bloody, violent, and four lettered.


I definitely enjoy boys.  I feel like I connect more with girls, but boys have their own list of cool.  And Brian doesn’t smell so much anymore (mostly)…so maybe they grow out of that one.



*For confidentiality reasons, I lovingly gave him the name Popcorn, because this kid had a HEAVY duty case of ADD.  He is on medication, and still something new and totally unrelated pops into his mind at the rate of about 20 ideas per minute.  I liken it to popcorn in an air popper.  Thus, his nickname.*


  1. Welcome to my world- we have three boys LOL Glad you were able to enjoy your time with what sounds like a sweet and energetic boy!

  2. Fostered boys, and have a boy. I am also married to a boy. I have a boy dog. He smells sometimes but only after we have been hiking or to the lake. My dad is a boy and I have lots of nephews... they don't smell and they are VERY sweet. Just my two cents. Love what you're doing.

  3. Boys do crave the attention of men. I have 3 girls and a boy - when my husband comes home from work my son tells him things I never hear and asks to do things with him. He lights up when his dad spends one on one time with him.

    Along these same lines - my son started cub scouts last night and LOVES it! This is definitely a boy thing, I can't imagine my girls getting excited about learning how to fold a tent. He's not into sports so I'm happy to find an activity he enjoys.

  4. Great post! Yes, boys and girls are quite different! :)


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